More Art! More DDR! banner attempt 2Peace AAA

Yeah, pretty much what the name of the post implies.

The left thumbnail is another attempt at a banner-sized sort of ad for the site for Project Wonderful. I think it’s actually pretty good, though the URL on the right is a bit superfluous, as the banner will link directly to the site anyway. On the right is a picture of my 17th home version DDR AAA, this one on Peace^^ from DDR Supernova. I noted here that generally I tend to get really close on a song before I finally seal the deal on a AAA for it, and that definitely applied here–I can think of at least four times I’ve gotten one Great on the song before I finally pulled this off. Definitely good to get it out of the way, at any rate.

Tomorrow is a day I’m going to head to the mall to play DDR for what will probably be my last arcade practice session before the tournament in Rhode Island. We’ll see how it goes.

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