New Song- 7-11

Lo, with 35 minutes or so to spare, I have fulfilled the commitment I made to you, the reader, yesterday. The new song quickly overtakes “Epic Failure” as my longest to date. It’s called “7-11”, which is a reference to some of the weird time signatures I employ throughout the song. Note to my cousin: Here are those bizarre time signatures that have been sorely lacking from most of The Six Day Exile to this point. Anyway, read the story behind the song–in brief, it’s me being annoyed at how video games are constantly persecuted by politicians and the media alike–here, or download the song directly here. And, as always, go ahead and leave feedback, good or bad.

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    • Silver on March 20, 2008 at 1:49 pm

    That was almost . . . Dream Theater-ish. Kinda cool, though. Just one suggestion, when the clips are playing in the background, try bring the base down a notch in volume, unless you want the base to pop through and almost distract from the idiots with their misguidedness.
    I don’t know, other than that. Pretty well put together, especially for a tight deadline.
    :) ;) :)

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