This is a Test


Yeah, running tests on your live site is generally not a good idea. This was a lesson I refused to learn after my first WordPress upgrade debacle. But in any event, this is a test of a Polls plugin that I installed earlier today. Hopefully I can make the thing display in this post. It involves my link button at my cousin’s site. As I’ve mentioned before, my button there has nothing whatsoever to do with any content on the site (It’s the one just above the Jamesfaqs button, and is a holdover from when it linked to my LiveJournal, or you can just look at it at the top of this entry. Note that the brown border that I see is an unfortunate side effect of the “unvisited link color” I chose, I think. Like I said, I’m not an artist by any stretch.). So I’m wondering if I should change it. If all goes well, you’ll be able to vote on that within this post. Here we go…

(EDIT 3/12: This is like four years old, so if you’re looking back this far, awesome, but just go ahead and ignore this post. Thanks.)

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