Hooray Gear! I think…

Today I got home from my girlfriend’s house–note that she and I don’t always agree on everything–to find that my new soundcard had arrived. Hooray! After some fiddling around, I got it to at least a working, if not optimal state (I currently only get sound from my guitar out of the left ear of my headphones, for some reason). Perhaps unsurprisingly, it hasn’t magically cured the issue that is my achilles heel at present–getting a good distorted guitar sound. Maybe it’s just the fact that I have a cheap guitar, or the fact I’m not currently using any sort of preamp right now, but everything sounds a lot more “fuzzy” than I’d like (The tone in Epic Failure is a good example of what I mean. It’s more fuzzy and less crunchy (Think Bad Religion) than I want it to be).

Oh well, I’ll figure it out. Hopefully.

EDIT: The links should all be fixed now.


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    • James on March 26, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    What card did you get? I’m thinking of upgrading soon myself–I can’t seem to eliminate that little bit of “air” or light hiss no matter what I do. I have very good cables and even direct in, it’s no good. It’s just a hint though.

    As far as guitar — have you considered picking up a soundboard/mixer or perhaps a Pod 2.0?

    • James on March 27, 2008 at 1:24 am

    Also you have a couple of broken links here, Jess’ blog and the Bad Religion link

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