Exile. Ur Doin It Rong.

Or however that particular meme goes.

In all, I pleasantly surprised myself with how I generally managed to stay on-task throughout the past week or so. It wasn’t perfect–I still have to record some solos, and do all the mixing and such–but the fact that I said to myself eight months or so ago “I think I’ll record an album in April of 2008!” and actually (Almost) did it when the time came is a pretty big victory for me. Now I have to keep going, and basically make sure I do something, either directly or indirectly, each day to make sure I move closer to actually releasing the CD. Be it fixing the mix on a song, finishing the recording, or…indirect stuff I guess, like getting a PO Box for people to send money to. Overall, there will be 12 tracks–11 plus an intro–the last of which I’ll have to upload when I finish rearranging everything.

I found out in the midst of the exile that my Astyanax speedrun is finally ready to be verified at SDA, when I ultimately send it in (Which should be later this week).

Lastly, here’s one of my favorite game show moments of all-time. I had honestly either forgotten or somehow never saw the last minute or so of this, which is just as good as what comes before it. Nice recovery by Richard Dawson after he blurts out “September!”


    • MatrixTN on April 24, 2008 at 12:48 am

    That must’ve left Richard in stitches (heck with the 20 secs).

    • James on April 24, 2008 at 6:09 pm

    Congrats on the project almost being done! Can’t wait to hear it!

    Also: I still reference Michael (?) from Press Your Luck, which I still argue was a completely valid skill. I assume they didn’t win the cash jack pot.

    • emptyeye on April 24, 2008 at 11:07 pm

    @ Matrix: Yeah, watching that video, two not-that-obvious things struck me.

    1. Even with the truly awful “September”, the first contestant somehow ended up with an okay score, largely on the strength of what I’m guessing were two Number One Answers.
    2. Could a game show host actually get away with disregarding the rules of their show like that today? Probably not.

    @ James: Well, that makes one of us then…actually, on a more serious note, soon I’ll be entering that “Listening to everything ten thousand times to get mixes and such right until I’m sick of it even if I had loved the songs before” phase that these projects go through (And I do like the writing on them, obviously, and think I did the best I could only giving myself six day to record most everything).

    And yeah, that was Michael Larson. And rest assured CBS did everything they could to not give him that money that he won fair and square. They did truly randomize the board after his win, and apparently people who went on the show after him were disappointed that they couldn’t duplicate his method. And I’m with you–being able to figure out that the system could be beat and then to actually be able to execute your method of beating it is truly impressive.

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