Lamenting Bad Recording Quality

Maria (I Believe…) AAA

While going back and re-arranging what will ultimately become the final version of “7-11“, I was struck at how the compressor that was a part of some of the guitar sound also served to distort and clip said sound. Awesome, now it sounds like a major label recording, and I don’t even get the benefit of being super loud and overpowering everything else. I’ll fix this somehow, either through studio magic or simply re-recording the part, but it doesn’t exactly boost my confidence in my abilities for the moment. Oh well, I think I heard it the first time and more or less convinced myself I was a good enough producer to fix it in the first place, or I would have re-recorded it, so…

In happier news, some two-plus years after I by a complete fluke managed my first Heavy AAA on a Dance Dance Revolution home version, I nailed #25 tonight in a rather similar fashion. Not that it was a complete fluke like #1 (With 24 previous home version AAAs before this one, I know I’m good enough to AAA at least easy songs), but it was on a song–“Maria (I Believe…)”–that I apparently don’t play very often at all, as I hadn’t even full comboed before tonight, where I played the song and pulled a AAA on my first shot. So that was pretty cool anyway. You can check that out by clicking the thumbnail at the top of this post. I also think I’ve almost gotten down THAT. ONE. STEP. in “Sakura” to the point where I can at least combo it now. Fellow DDR players know exactly what I’m talking about; everyone else will be completely lost. Suffice to say that there is one step in particular in the song that is notoriously difficult to hit accurately–or in my case, at all, evidently.

Finally, here’s some more Family Feud hilarity. The first contestant actually does reasonable enough. The second one…let’s just say I’m amazed Richard Dawson didn’t lose it here too.


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    • James on April 25, 2008 at 1:51 pm

    Those were fairly awful answers– I can forgive “morning” and “night” from the jitters, but the others… ugh!

    Also: quality guitar sounds are one of the things that sets apart home studios from professional studios. Even with more advanced set ups, getting a clean and clear tone is always a challenge. Don’t get discouraged (and remember, your CD is essentially a demo since it wasn’t profressionally recorded so don’t be too hard on yourself).

    Also x2: are you ever in touch with Ashane from DoD?

    • emptyeye on April 26, 2008 at 10:44 pm

    The vest part is that “North Carolina” somehow got four answers as a southern state. I suppose technically it’s true, but…really? That was the first thing four people thought of when asked for a southern state?

    (For the record, I would’ve tossed up between Florida and Texas, though of course that’s easy for me to say just watching the clip and not playing for any amount of money…who knows what I’d come up with in an actual Fast Money situation!)

    As for the recording, well of course I’m not spending countless dollars on the album–I think you’ll agree that the setup as a whole can generously be described as “low-budget”–but I can still get something pretty decent overall I think (Nirvana’s Bleach was recorded for about $600), which these particular chords definitely were not (Decent sounding that is).

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