They See Me Runnin

A bit of speedrun news: my Astyanax run is finally in the verification process at SDA. And it only took four months, compared to the nine months or so for my Magic of Scheherazade run to get verifiers…

I’ve also pretty well decided that M.C. Kids (And given a choice between a link to the site of one of the developers of the game, or a link to the Font-of-All-Knowledge-Some-of-it-Even-Accurate–you know what site I’m talking about–I’m picking the first every time) will probably be my next speedrunning target. In a previous entry’s comment, my cousin noted that I once gave the game a 6/10. This is true, though I also included the caveat that, taken simply as a game (And not a McDonald’s propaganda piece whose target audience was around 5-8 years old), it’s really better than a 6, but missed so badly with its target audience that I docked it a couple points.

Over the weekend, besides working on The Six Day Exile, I’ll probably try and do a Youtube edition of commentary for my Rygar run, ultimately leading to various flavors of commentary for all my existing runs.


    • MatrixTN on April 26, 2008 at 10:36 am

    I liked the audio commentary you had for the Rygar run, so this I’d have to see. I’d also probably like to see the same for the Battletoads runs as well.

    • emptyeye on April 26, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    The Battletoads runs are runs I really have to improve, so I’m going back and forth in my head between doing commentary for them and saying “Screw it” and improving them, then doing the commentary. I don’t imagine what I do for the Youtube version of Rygar will be too too different from the audio commentary, but it would hopefully expose the site to people who wouldn’t ordinarily visit it, you know?

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