Not Much Going On Here.

Seriously. I suppose in effect this raises the issue of “Should a person post on their blog every day for the sake of posting?” Some might argue “No”, and they’d have a fair argument. The thing is that at the moment, while I finish working on The Six Day Exile, the blog posts are really the only thing I have that signify I’m still alive (And who knows how long that will last if the apartment thing gets finalized as I expect it to), so I almost feel obligated to at least put something up each day.

In that vein, you’re all familiar with the Rickroll by now, but have you checked out the Ricroll (Note the missing “k”)? I can’t help that I’m custom made…

(Final PS: For some reason, the Richard Dawson “September” clip I linked to a bit back shows up in a search for “Ric Roll” on Youtube, which I find amusing)

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