Upgrade Complete.

Imagine the title being said in a Real-Time Strategy game type announcer voice.

I don’t generally like upgrading stuff unless I have to–my post about Windows Movie Maker is an excellent example of this, as I should really just up and get another computer for other reasons not mentioned here besides the WMM crash–but when my webhost tells me “Hey, you’ve got some potentially vulnerable scripts on your site, you may want to upgrade,” I figure it’s a good idea to listen. As such, the back end of the site is now running WordPress 2.5, upgraded from my previous 2.3.3.

The interface is completely different. I’m not sure I like it yet, though I’ll admit that this is as much because I hate change as it is a fault with the new design itself. I will say that one thing I really like is the automatic plugin installation. Suffice to say that the process of upgrading my plugins was a bit time consuming before, but now I just click “upgrade automatically” and boom. Done. Sweet.

Also, you’ll note that for the second time, I’ve managed to upgrade things on my end without destroying my database. Woo!


    • James on May 8, 2008 at 1:10 pm

    With all your tech background, I’m kind of surprised you don’t have a dedicated desktop PC for recording, gaming, etc. With your apartment, maybe it’s time to breakdown and get a nice system so you can upgrade it when you need to (and have access to a lot of cool recording stuff).

    I may be entering the world of wordpress soon myself (though for design reasons, I’ll probably keep my blog on blogger). I am interested in using the CMS to organize my articles, writing, etc. We’ll see, I won’t have free time until about a week but after that– look out :)

    • emptyeye on May 9, 2008 at 11:48 pm

    I don’t do a whole lot of PC gaming, honestly, though this may be a sort of chicken-and-egg type of thing (“Don’t PC game because I don’t have a beefy comp for it, don’t have a beefy comp because I don’t PC game…). I actually have considered a second computer for recording, though.

    And I’m a bit surprised that you’d keep the blog on blogger. not that it doesn’t do the job well, mind you, but really, WordPress is at its best when it’s used for blogging…everything else is essentially a bonus.

    That said, let me know when you finally do do it. I can point you to some of the more useful plugins I use.

    • James on May 10, 2008 at 5:11 pm

    Here’s an interesting read:


    Really, blogger and wordpress are kind of neck and neck as far as features, though I prefer blogger’s customability and the fact you don’t need .php enabled servers to run it. Amongst a lot of “code geeks” I know, WordPress is akin to AOL in that it’s very end-user friendly, without a lot of hands-on customization available. However, that same feature makes widgets, posting, editing and changing layouts much easier than blogger.

    My idea is perhaps to have one of each and see which one I tend to migrate towards.

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