Hmm. This Could Be Difficult.

So as I’ve been posting throughout the week, I’d like to get the commentary for my Rygar run finished before I resume work on The Six Day Exile. Before today, I could sneak in a quick few minutes of this before bed, as my parents typically went to sleep before I did.

That changed today, because my brother came home from school for the summer. Now I’m glad he’s home and all, don’t get me wrong. But from a strictly “look out for number one” perspective, his being home makes it difficult for me to get anything audio-related done. This is primarily because he and I “camp out” as it were in the same room of the house most of the time; more importantly as concerns the Rygar commentary, he, being a college kid, tends to stay up a lot later than I do, even on weekends.

Speaking of home, sometime this weekend I have to follow up on the apartment thing.

But enough of my whining. Have some video of a fun Doom II mod. Fists are fun. The chainsaw is even funner. And the Astley Cannon, well…Nameless Space Marine would’ve had no problem defeating the forces of Hell if he’d had late 80s Britpop on his side from the beginning, as this video shows.

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