*Whew* More Front-End Changes!

A quick note to say that some of the promised fruits of working on The Six Day Exile have arrived! Above this post, you’ll note a “Latest Song” pseudo-post. This will remain at the top of the blog, even as I make more posts. It’s not quite functioning the way I want it to yet–ideally it would actually be a fully-commentable post with the social links as opposed to my having to hard-code everything into the index template–but this way is at least functional and won’t get pushed down the front page as I make more posts.

This new track is a comparison, one after the other, of two mixes of “The Secret“. The first one is the close-to-final album mix, with a touch of reverb on the vocals, use of stereo, etc, while the second (Which starts about a second after the first ends) is the Slap-It-Down Mix that’s been available on the site since February. Coming immediately after the more (Although certainly not completely) polished version of the song, the lo-finess of the Slap-It-Down Mix really stands out even more now.

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