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Yeah. Yesterday I went to do some work on The Six Day Exile. I decided to see what would happen if I put a touch of compression on the vocals to “The Secret“. I got an error saying that the audio was not in the right format. Fair enough.

Today is where I took another step toward a new computer, though. I went to remove the silent parts of the audio to my Rygar speed run commentary. And I got another error, one I’ve never seen before. It was approximately “Windows 32-bit error: 0x80070057: The parameter is invalid”. Bizarre. It happens maybe 20 percent into the silence removal. I wonder if this is because I’m going back through the Echo Indigo IO as opposed to the computer’s onboard audio that I used to record it. Nonetheless, it’s probably about time to start looking for another computer anyway–this one is close to 4 years old, and has a myriad of issues, chiefly the fact that it likes to randomly shut itself off.

Wizardry is going pretty well. I’m done with “part one” of the quest, getting the Blue Ribbon so I can use the Express Elevator. I can theoretically attempt to finish the game right now, but I’m wandering about the middle of the dungeon a bit first to see if I can’t scrounge up some sweet equipment first. Also, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m using save states at times (I’ve made a total of two, and used a total of one–both were made just before I attempted to bring my Mage back from Ashen state, and the one I used was when the resurrection was botched. For those of you who don’t know the Wizardry series, “dead” characters actually have 3 states of deadness. The first is simply “Dead”, and you can have a Cleric cast a spell to try to revive a dead character or turn to the Temple of Cant to do the job. But there’s a catch–both the spell and the Temple have a chance of botching the resurrection. If this happens, your character goes to Ashen state [I think it’s technically called “Ashed” in-game]. Now you need a high-level Cleric spell, or the Temple again, to bring the character back from Ashed state [Paying more money to the Temple than you would for “Dead” characters, by the way]. But there’s a problem: The spell and/or Temple can both fail here, too. In that case, if it was the Cleric spell that failed, your character goes to “Lost” status, and can’t be revived again. Ever. That’s right, potentially hours of work go right down the drain, and you really have no way of controlling whether or not the resurrection is successful. At least you can theoretically unequip the character to give their goods to the next in line, though. This is more than you can do if the Temple fails, in which you get the message “[Character name] is buried”, and you simply lose the character and any items they had forever. Not fun.). My characters are all, I think, about level 10 or 11.

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