Who Wants to Read Old Video Game Magazines?

Hopefully someone does.

In preparing to move–which will hopefully be early next month–I’ve been taking stock of things that I can sell and/or give away to people to lessen what I have to actually transfer to the apartment. This includes my collection of video game magazines. I have no problem with getting rid of Gamepros or Electronic Gaming Monthlies, though Nintendo Powers, which I have a ton of (And which were an integral part of my childhood), will be a bit harder to sell/give away. Still, I think it’ll be the proper move to get rid of at least most of them (I may keep some of the collectors-esque issues, like some of the January blowouts they did during the early-mid 90s.).

So um, if anyone wants some old gaming magazines, let me know. I have the following Gamepros:
-August 1990

And issues 37, 47 and 48 (NOT 49, like I had said earlier) of EGM.

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