Customer Satisfaction is Low Priority

That’s not exactly the point of this post, by which I mean it’s really not the point of the post at all. But anyway, one of my job functions is taking various bank forms and loading them into the program of use at my workplace so that loan officers and such can print them out as necessary. One form in particular was interesting, as it discussed various forms that needed to be included with a package so that a loan can be transfered to someone else. The reason this particular form caught my eye was because practically every word on it was capitalized, except for one–“borrower”.

The full phrase was approximately “Good-Bye Form For borrower” or something like that. I don’t know if it was just a typo on the original form or what, but the subtext I took away from it was essentially “The customer is nothing, the forms are law.”

Just an observation. And with that, I’m off to find out what delightful ways Wizardry III to find to kill my entire party that I haven’t seen before (Though it’s gonna be tough to top the teleporter-into-rock, I must say.).

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