Random Tuesday Thoughts++

A short edition this week, as I’ve been busy packing up for the big move.

  • Speaking of said move, I’ve really got to get on renting a truck to transport our living room set. This is due to a miscommunication between Jess and my dad. Basically, Dad claims he said approximately “If you can’t find anything else, as a last resort, Marc’s uncle has a pickup truck”, whereas Jess claimed it was simply “Marc’s uncle has a pickup truck, so don’t worry about it.” As it happens, regardless or who misheard or misspoke, said uncle is away until Sunday anyway, and we’re going to try and move everything in Saturday. Perhaps you see the problem here (The set, while not technically an essential item [Really, I’d say the only true “essentials” are a bed and some shower stuff], would definitely be nice to move in Saturday).
  • Also, packing is hard. I’m at the stage now where I don’t have that much of any one type of item (Example: PC games), so I’m throwing two and three types into a box to make the box’s storage space worth it (Example: This latest box is “PC/PS1/Game Boy Games”). Woo.
  • I should really update my DDRecall page with my stats from Sunday. Eh.
  • Thus far, Wizardry III hasn’t found any fun new ways of wiping out my entire party (Also, upon further investigation thanks to the Magic of Save States, the rock trap isn’t a teleporter, but rather simply a square that contains rocks that the game allows you to walk into…but of course, not out of. Note that while functionally it’s the same as teleporting into rock, I find the semantic difference fascinating). Indeed, I think I’ve found an unlimited healing item (Providing the character isn’t deceased or worse, that is). Wizardry…showing mercy? It’s not quite a totally foreign concept–Wizardry II had a similar item–but I’m at once grateful and a bit disappointed for the help.
  • Finally, before I head to bed, here’s Chris “Not Brian Drummond ” Sabat doing his Vegeta voice. What makes it funny is what he’s saying (Which is “Momma Said Knock You Out” by L.L. Cool J). The best part: “Listen to the bass…go BOOOOOM!! Explosion!….unh.”

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    • James on June 4, 2008 at 11:00 am

    You still have time, I’d strongly suggest getting a moving truck. It makes everything much, much easier (instead of make 5 trips with a pick up truck). Also, who gets the video game stuff, you or David? I can see some issues there :)

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