Packing is Hard.

Yeah. Just wanted to say that I haven’t completely disappeared, although this will likely be the last post until at least Monday as I finally move into the apartment this weekend, and Jess and I will be without Internet access until Monday at the earliest. This may not be the worst thing that can happen; I have several games I haven’t even started playing yet, including one or two going back to Christmas of 2006.

Also, packing is hard. Right now I’m putting off packing up some of my clothes and the like, which I’ll move during lunch tomorrow. Then over the weekend, the real fun starts, as we get to move things like our bed and living room set and the like without the aid of a UHaul thanks to my being an idiot a communication breakdown between multiple parties.

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    • James on June 6, 2008 at 10:54 am

    No moving truck…. ughhhhh. You know, you *can* still set up a rental today most likely– what’s stopping you?

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