Hypocrite Pride

A bit of background to the title of this post: I despise the so-called “fair-weather fan”. This hatred culminated in an angry away message the morning after the New England Patriots won Super Bowl XXXVI, essentially asking everyone at my alma mater (Then called Franklin Pierce College) where their support was at the beginning of the season when the Pats were 0-2 and everyone figured their season was lost. As a result of this, I can’t really call myself a big fan of the Boston Celtics, though I liked them in my early schooling years (Ironically after their greatest success) in the later days of the Bird era.

That said, given that the choices in this year’s NBA finals were the Celtics and the Los Angeles Kobe Bryants (Formerly known as the Lakers), which one to root for was a pretty easy decision. So I give a belated and hypocritical congrats to the Celtics for defeating their hated rivals and sending the namesake of the Kobe Bryants moping off into the sunset for another year.

(I had planned to put up some video of Kobe “I Ran Shaq Out of Town” Bryant complaining about Gilbert Arenas not being a team player after Arenas dropped 60 on the Lakers in a game not long ago, but can’t find said video, unfortunately…)

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    • James on June 20, 2008 at 11:58 am

    I don’t mind honest bandwagon fans, for example a friend of mine last year said, “I don’t really follow the Rockies but it’s fun to root for them during the playoffs.” Fair enough. I’m ok with that; none of this “I’ve been rooting for them for 30 years before they even existed” kind of thing. Those are the bandwaggoners I can’t stand.

    As for the Celtics, they became my default team once the Nuggets were predictably outsed in the first round. As Jody remarked about Paul Pierce,”I can’t place my finger on it, maybe it’s the spotty whiskers or the teeth, but that guy reminds me of the Easter Bunny.” I don’t have “Celtic Pride” and the only time I bleed green is for my beloved Whalers but anything is better than the LA Kobe Bryants (who were actually somewhat likeable with Shaq and a pre-crazy Kobe Bryant).

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