Emptyeye.com Week 36- I Hate My Life

Well, no I don’t. But I’m not particularly happy right now.

This week was pretty much an idle one in terms of the site. I do have ideas for writings which I should really get up and running sometime soon, because I certainly haven’t been doing much lately as far as music goes, instead opting to laze around and play video games when I’m not working. Some would argue there isn’t anything wrong with this, but The Six Day Exile isn’t going to finish itself.

So today I finally tried to get up and running to resume work on said album. I say “tried” because I think I hit a major setback, and it wasn’t even the one I was expecting (Namely, Windows Vista not playing nicely with my extremely outdated version of Cakewalk SONAR…I still haven’t installed that on this machine yet, by the by). No, I went to install my Echo Indigo on it…and found out that the cardbus slot is apparently not the right size for it. Or, more precisely, there is a “notch” inside the slot that prevents the card from going in fully. Hopefully I can somehow remove it, but if not…without the Indigo, I have no idea how any recording/mixing/etc. I do on this comp will actually sound. And it really annoys me.

Anyway, yesterday I saw one of my friends from college that I hadn’t seen in close to three years. She graduated about a month ago (She was a sophomore in college during the one semester I finished up in Fall of 2005), and she’ll be moving out to Texas soon, so I went to her graduation party seeing as she lives around here for the moment. It was fun, and hopefully she’ll come by to see the apartment before she moves halfway across the country.

Until next week…



    • James on June 30, 2008 at 6:27 pm

    Time for a new sound card? Ugh… that suxorz. Nothing is more frustrating when you actually have the gumption to work and can’t. And here you thought Vista was going to be your biggest obstacle! I hope you can figure it out before it becomes the 6-Year Exile.

    And why anyone would move to Texas on purpose is beyond me! So see, life could be worse– your sound card could be not working in Texas!

    • emptyeye on June 30, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Actually, I’m going to take a risk and hope that maybe the notch inside the slot is just covering the rest of the electronics and I can maybe tweez it out somehow. The slot as a whole looks like it’s the right size for the card, but there’s just that inside notch that prevents me from getting it in all the way.

    If I can’t do that, then yeah, I’m likely looking at some type of USB sound solution. In the meantime, though, I have another grandiose idea which will likely never see fruition…

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