(Slightly Over) Nine Months of Emptyeye.com!

Yep. I had planned this post to coincide with (At least within a day or two) the opening of the site…then checked my archives and realized I made the first official post on the site on October 7th, 2007. So I was late by nearly a week. Whoops.

Anyway, the most interesting thing is that my prediction as to the usefulness of a review of the Dream Theater book was apparently completely off–it’s the most popular post on the site in terms of views, and even the author himself (Hi Rich, if you happen to read this) stopped by to share his thoughts, which was pretty cool. Filewise, the most popular thing appears to be the commentary for my speedrun of Rygar, which makes some amount of sense.

And that’s about it as far as that goes, for now anyway.

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