Emptyeye.com Week 40- A StarCraft State of Mind

The title of this post pretty much explains my past week–I’m watching a StarCraft-related video as I write this update, in fact. I continue to be terrible at the game, though I seem to be learning, if nothing else, the patterns of the computer opponents (Or, put another way, “How to Hold Off the Computer Until I Can Mass Carriers”).

Other than that, I haven’t been up to a whole heck of a lot. This upcoming weekend, I’ll be heading to Connecticon, and Tuesday night, Jess and I are going to the Poison show at Mohegan Sun. She likes Poison a lot, and I figure I’ll at least enjoy Sebastian Bach, so…

Until next week…


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    • James on July 28, 2008 at 11:47 am

    Ha– Poison, ugh– but are they playing with Skid Row? They actually had a few good tunes, off the top of my head I remember Monkey on My Back and 18 and LIfe. But what a good boyfriend you are, eh?

    Good luck with Starcraft– and I’m telling ya, you should watch the King of Kong and reclaim your Battletoads title. I saw your run and I see where you improve… ;)

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