When All You Have is a German Suplex…

Lately I’ve been repeatedly playing the classic beat ’em up game Final Fight. My ultimate goal is to speedrun it–considering that the version found in Capcom Classics Collection is pretty much arcade perfect, this is no easy feat. See, arcade games, especially in the late 80s, were fun, to be sure. They were also freaking cheap, the goal basically being to get you to pump in as many quarters as possible in a short time. This, essentially, makes me feel completely incompetent at this particular version (I can fake it pretty well on the SNES port, thanks to the fact that the limitations of the hardware mean you don’t face any more than 3 enemies on the screen at once). The fact that I choose to play as the impossibly buff mayor of Metro City, Mike Haggar, probably isn’t helping. Haggar is very strong, to be sure, and he’s also, to me, more fun than the other characters to play as–there’s something even more satisfying than usual about being able to piledrive a particularly difficult enemy to his doom. He’s also slow (In both movement speed and attack speed), which makes actual timing more of an issue than with the quicker characters. Somewhat paradoxically, Haggar can generally handle large groups of enemies without much trouble (Just keep suplexing them into one another), but individual enemies can be a bit of a problem, particularly the quicker ones.

Oh well, I’ll keep plugging away, slowly suplexing and pile-driving my way to competence in this game.

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