They’re the Final Countdowns!

First up is the fact that MAGFest is under a month away. THis will be my fourth time going, and the second time with the Challenges Booth. Truth be told, though, I haven’t been doing a lot of practicing for it, at least lately. That’s because I’ve been playing various Rock Band 2 in preparation for my attempt at The Endless Setlist 2–put short, all 84 songs in the game, beginning with the easiest for a full band and getting gradually harder. The somewhat good thing about this is that I’ll be attempting it on Expert Vocals, which is the one individual instrument whose difficulty doesn’t correlate that well with the full band difficulty. In other words, when the other instruments are drained from hours of playing and still have their hardest trials to go, the Vocals have it a bit easier, since the difficulty tends to jump all over the place given the order of the ESL2; from a familiarity standpoint, my biggest problem is actually going to be songs 40-55 or so. Endurance-wise, I should be okay; I’ve been singing small chunks of the setlist each day and seem to be all right, though ~12 songs a day is very different from 84. I actually plan to record the whole thing (In awful quality) and eventually upload some of the highlights and lowlights, which should be amusing.

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