But…Today Isn’t Tuesday.


  • We’re two weeks away from MAGFest, and it’s time for me to start to work on the challenges once again. I had started this, but then got distracted by Rock Band 2. Kareshi has apparently not been practicing as hard as he did last year. While this is good for me in an individual competitor sense, it does somewhat reduce the chance of the total Shizzie domination that we had last year. This goes double in that one of the non-Shizz people who is going to try to take the crown this year is none other than Freddy “Frezyman” Andersson, who is A. coming all the way from Sweden for MAGFest, and B. (And more relevant in terms of staking a claim to the Challenges throne) the author of my favorite speedrun to date, an earlier of which I raved about here. Not that there’s any pressure on me or anything–I’ll only be indirectly representing both The Shizz and SDA, and my girlfriend has already informed me that she won’t let me live it down if I don’t repeat my top 3 performance from last year, that’s all…
  • Speaking of distractions, someone on the SDA Forum convinced me to take a chance on a PC game called Space Rangers 2 and its expansion. Mainly, an online store was selling it for something like 90% retail price, or $4 when all was said and done. At that price, taking a flyer on a game you’ve never heard of becomes a lot easier. I quite like it thus far, as it blends all sorts of genres together, from turn-based strategy, to a somewhat simple RTS a la StarCraft, to, apparently, text adventures at some point in the game. Good stuff.
  • I’ve recently started playing DDR again, mainly because I had gained back most of the weight I had lost in the first half of 2007. Hopefully I can lose it again.

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