More Rock Bandy Goodness.

Those of you who follow this blog know that I tend to go through “phases” when it comes to hobbies and the like. Some I actually make decent progress on before hitting a brick wall (The music page); some are more fleeting in nature (Hey, what’s up card game idea?). Currently, it’s working on Rock Band 2 vocals in early preparation for defending my Best Vocalist title at Connecticon. Thankfully, so far I’m continuing to improve on most of the songs in the game, though I have an annoying syndrome I like to call ORSS, or One Random Strong Syndrome. Basically, even on songs I know well that should be pretty easy, I have a tendency to get a Strong (The second highest grade, which breaks your combo and costs you a bunch of points and the 100% grade) on exactly one phrase for no real reason. It’s a bit annoying, to say the least.

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