Random Thoughts on a Sunday Afternoon

Given I haven’t updated in awhile–indeed, I haven’t really even been checking on this much, to the point that my Project Wonderful ad is currently delisted–I figured I’d throw everything into one somewhat large post.

  • My quest to full-combo Rock Band 2’s vocals is moving along. I’ve now gotten the entire game gold-starred (A special designation for Expert scores a certain amount above and beyond the 5 stars that is the maximum for the other difficulties), and 45 of the 84 tracks have been full comboed at least once in solo play. So that aspect is moving along. Eventually, my rate of FCing stuff is going to slow down–not messing up a song at all is very difficult even if you know all the phrases; songs like Uncontrollable Urge or Tangled Up in Blue, which have a few phrases where I just have no idea what’s going on, are just about impossible at the moment–but I’m going to enjoy the progress for now.
  • For Connecticon ’09, I’m not actually staying at the convention center’s hotel. Unfortunately, the half hour drive from my apartment is just long enough to be annoying (Particularly after midnight), so I took advantage of my AAA membership (Thanks dad!) to score a hotel for that weekend within walking distance of the convention center at about $150 savings when all is said and done. That’s cool and all, but I’m looking for someone to split the room with to drive my cost down even further thanks to at least one other convention I’ll be going to this year. We’ll see how that works out. I’m starting with my fellow CTCon Rock Band players, and consider expanding from there if I can’t find anyone in that circle.
  • A couple weeks ago, the UConn Women’s Basketball team won their sixth national championship with their third undefeated season. Naturally, this led to some discussions about which of the five undefeated women’s college basketball teams is the best ever (The two non-UConn teams to do it: Texas in 1985-86, and Tennessee in 1997-1998). Someone wrote as a weakness of this year’s UConn model that, essentially, they didn’t have a solid rival like some of the other unbeatens did (The 1994-95 UConn squad had a very game Tennessee team which they beat in two close games, for instance). You can actually see that in the linked article, maybe 3/4 of the way down.


    I’ve never understood this line of reasoning. I’ve seen it applied as a knock on Tiger Woods as well–that he hasn’t yet had a truly capable rival the way Palmer had Nicklaus, Nicklaus had Watson and Trevino, Tennis’s Pete Sampras had Andre Agassi (And vice versa), etc. And I just don’t get it. Essentially, Woods and the most recent UConn team are being penalized for being too good. It’s like the fact that they don’t have a truly capable rival are because they are simply on a different level from every other competitor is somehow something to penalize them for. It boggles me.


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