Early Saturday Status Update

So let’s see here.

  • Fresh off of my Connecticon Best Rock Band Vocalist title defense, I’ve been working on my Rock Band imports from the first game in preparation for next weekend’s GameUniCon. This tournament is a bit different than Connecticon’s; for one, it’s strictly score-based–two bands enter, play the same song (Or set of songs), highest score wins–and for another, the allowed pool of songs is significantly smaller, being Rock Band 2 on-disc songs and Rock Band 1 imports only. For a third, some of the absolute top-tier Rock Band talent will be there. As a reference pool for just how good some people are at the game, my having 100%ed all of the Rock Band 2 stuff (And about a third of the Rock Band 1 imports) qualifies me as “Not a liability that the rest of my band will have to overcome” in this world. Yes, there’s actually a level of dedication beyond just 100%ing the game (I’m currently in 144th place on Rock Band 2 Expert Vocals on ScoreHero), especially as it relates to full-band play, where my experience is honestly pretty limited. Still, right now, with the exception of a couple Rock Band 1 songs that I’m simply terrible at, I feel like I’m good enough to at least give the band I’ll be in a solid chance at any given song.
  • I’ve decided to take up jogging, since I’ve regained most of the weight I lost through the first six months or so of 2007 (When I was big into exercising in general). So I went to a local athletic store, and on getting my foot measured, found out that I’ve been wearing shoes that are way too big for me for the past five-plus years of my life. Part of this is that I hadn’t gotten my feet properly measured in a long time. The other part is that my feet are very much like my fingers–short and fat. So in getting a “proper” shoe fit, my toes, especially the big ones, felt somewhat “scrunched” in the sneakers. Still, I imagine I’ll just have to break them in a bit.
  • I’ve been doing design work for the game I had mentioned awhile back, so that project isn’t dead just yet. I’m still working out precisely how to work the inventory system out. This is going to be, by far, the biggest challenge. I’m almost thinking some kind of concealed database and/or data table from which the appropriate stuff would be pulled is the best way to go…which is going to require me learning and/or re-learning about that stuff.
  • I think that’s it for now…

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