Two Posts In a Month?! Incredible!

Yes, so suffice to say my posting here has slowed down somewhat.

However, I continue to work on Hysterium. This is probably the longest I’ve stuck with a project since the songwriting process for the basically-aborted album I was making in 2008. Today, I think I overcame the last great programming challenge, in that I can now save and load my progress in what little bit of the game I have. Now it’s just a matter of actually implementing everything, and then the frankly kind of boring process of testing (Barring the occasional spectacular crash of the whole thing because of Argument Out of Range Exceptions and the like). I like the basic skeleton and idea I have for the game, although by the time I’m done actually making and balancing everything, I’m going to be totally sick of it. I must admit, though, that I was giddy like a little kid when I realized that my saving and loading actually worked properly, like “I did that! Awesome!”.

I managed to win $72 at Mohegan Sun yesterday as well. Professional Poker career, here I come!

….not quite.

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