It’s Time For An Update

Yes, I’m pretty terrible at this “Updating the website” thing lately. Fairly soon, though, that should get better.

We’re now less than two weeks away from Connecticon. On an individual level, I honestly don’t think I’ve practiced as much as I did for last year’s tournament. As far as my band situation goes, though, I’m in far, far better shape, with an actual band (Who won’t desert me this year!), and a solid set list to practice between now and then. Hopefully I’ll come out of it with my entire band victorious, as opposed to just me winning Best Vocalist. Not that I would necessarily complain about that outcome, mind you.

In writing news, I’ve started a liveblog of the original Dragon Warrior. Unlike my Wizardry Liveblog, I actually expect this one to end in success, if only because dying just sends you back to the castle minus half your gold (And because you have to do enough experience grinding anyway that this penalty is effectively meaningless in the long run).

Hysterium development is still slowly going on. I plan to really ramp that up and turn it into an actual writing project as well once I finish the Dragon Warrior liveblog. I figure that forcing myself to write about what I do every day, no matter how small, will motivate me to get something playable out into the world.

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