So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 1

I did say I wanted to use this more than I have been…

So today I got another slide done on my presentation. Yes, one. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but A. I have over three months before I have to give the panel (Though I’d like to be done long before that so I know approximately how long to ask for time-wise), and B. I had 12 slides already done before I even decided to start this log.

This slide is different from a lot of the rest in that it has a picture! I’ve been reading various public speaking/presentation resources online, and one of the things they advise is “make sure your slide show is not just an outline of your presentation.” To be honest, I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to avoid that, but I’m going to try to add a few pictures and whatnot to distinguish the panel that much more, in addition to some speedrunning clips I plan to put in there (With permission from the runners themselves, of course).

The other thing I did was to e-mail Mr. Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics (And Project Wonderful, the engine that runs the advertising for the site when I can be bothered to log into it) and ask him for permission to use this comic in the presentation. It’s a great summary of speedrunning in general, and hopefully he’ll actually respond either way.

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