So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 2

Today I basically finished up the “text” portion of the slides I’ll be using for the panel. It currently has fifteen slides, although the final total will likely end up slightly higher as I create a few more pictures to go with the slides.

The next step, after that, is to try and get permission to use video clips from various speedruns in the presentation. I made my first moves towards this today, asking Kari “Essentia” Johnson if I could use the final battles from her Final Fantasy VI(III) run in the panel. I figure this is a pretty solid choice in that the convention is mainly anime-focused (And mainly 21+, though there will be plenty of all-ages stuff there throughout the weekend), and the intersection between anime fandom and Final Fantasy fandom is higher than it would be for a lot of other games. That, and the fact that Kari turns the typical Final Fantasy final battle (An army of characters with 4000+ HP exchanging thousands of damage worth of HP with multi-parted monstrosities) into a complete joke after a couple minutes of “What in the heck is she doing?” setup makes it a fine watch, even if you’re not quite sure what’s going on throughout it.

The other thing to do is publicize the fact that I’ll be doing this particular panel. So I posted to the Introduce Yourself thread on the Gobble-con forums, plus made a post in The Speed Gamers Community to see if there’s anyone else from Connecticut who might like to go to the convention and see the panel.

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