So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 3

It’s kind of interesting that I can honestly say that I was playing Phantasy Star II to prepare for the panel. And yet, that’s exactly what I did today. In attempting to come up with some more visuals for the slides part of it (I suppose “PowerPoint” would be the commonly accepted noun for a slideshow nowadays, even though it’s technically incorrect here–I use OpenOffice.Org Impress to compose my slideshows), I got an amusing idea. A few downloads and a bit of time later, I had created this. The brief process of creating that image and the feelings it evoked in me as I did so is another post unto itself.

I was more productive on the publicity front, though. I finally made the topic that should probably have been made right off the bat, on the Speed Demos Archive Forums. The other topic I made was on The Minibosses Forum at the Shizz, whom I owe a particular debt of gratitude to for various reasons, but specifically (As it relates to this panel) because they were the ones who got me going to various conventions in the first place. Without them, I never get the idea of giving a convention panel in my head–heck, I probably wouldn’t even know there was such a thing in that case.

I seem to be getting pretty encouraging feedback from the topics I’ve posted in various places. This seems to jibe with what I’ve read about public speaking–mainly, that people want you to succeed (And in the case of anything that uses slideshows, there’s an undercurrent of “Please please please don’t put me to sleep like 90% of people who use them!”). That’s helpful to keep in mind as the time to present this draws nearer.

The other thing that I did was ask Andrew Gardikis for permission to use a couple levels from his Super Mario Bros. run. And Essentia wrote me back and gave me permission to use excerpts from her FFVI run, which is quite nice.

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