So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 6

About the only thing I did today was get “sinister1″‘s permission to use his Double Dragon II speedrun in my panel. After more continued frustration with video editing, including a failed attempt to use Windows Movie Maker (If the preview in one window corner was accurate, the video would have been rendered in the revolutionary “Occasionally Moving Screenshot” mode pioneered at MAGFest 8 before the SDA marathon moved to Mike’s house), I turned to the dark side.

In short, my computer now dual boots Windows Vista and…Ubuntu 9.10.

I imagine that one of my cousins, you know who you are, had this reaction upon reading that.

So how is it? Is it a magically, technological cure for cancer? Has it granted me unlimited power like people from Slashdot and The Register claim it does?

Well…I don’t know yet. It’s certainly a different experience. The main obstacle was getting my wireless card up and running–Ubuntu didn’t even detect that there was a wireless card at first. After bouncing back and forth between my dual installations for awhile, I managed to find the instructions for downloading the driver for my wireless card in Linux. In that package was a helpful readme file basically explaining “The Ubuntu Way” of installing that particular driver…for those who have never used Linux, rather than downloading individual files and programs from individual websites, what’s generally done is you look at a giant central repository of files and select the drivers, files, etc. you’re looking for from that huge list. It’s different, and dare I say more convenient, than what I’m used to. In any event, after getting the right encryption key for my wireless router (I had to change it at some point after stupidly resetting everything related to my network setup), I’m now wireless on Ubuntu.

In any event, I have yet to actually try to edit any stupid videos with the Ubuntu offerings. That’ll come tomorrow. Wish me luck…

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