So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 10

Today saw some actual tangible progress on the panel preparations. IE, I don’t have to stretch the definition of “working on the panel” to come up with something here, I could actually show it to you if I wanted!

The big news is that I actually got some editing software in Ubuntu that gracefully let me edit a video correctly, finally. That’s a huge relief, as it means I no longer to scramble around to try to find something, anything, that works. Interestingly, Ubuntu itself has what seems to be an annoying habit of occasionally “losing” my wireless mouse’s buttons (Although not the mouse itself), but I’m willing to deal with it for now, and honestly, I haven’t done enough testing to know that that’s really what’s going on anyway.

So what did I actually do on the presentation today? Well, I edited down the Super Mario Bros. run into the parts I needed, also adding a title card to make sure proper credit was given and to direct people to the full run (I also plan to have a post-presentation handout with the run information, plus have it go into detail on some of the stuff I’ll likely have to gloss over due to time limitations.). After that, it was time to create some title cards, which I did for two more of the runs–Essentia’s Final Fantasy VI, and sinister1’s Double Dragon II. Amusingly, I had to do this in Windows Vista, and specifically Paint.NET, because in my brief search, I couldn’t find a program in Ubuntu that would do what I needed (Yes, I’m aware of GIMP. My impression of it in my messing around with it hasn’t changed since I first tried it 8 years ago–by Linux geeks [Which I guess I am one now], for Linux geeks [This includes the Windows build], normal people [And usability] be damned. Yes, it likely could have done what I needed, but i honestly didn’t want to go through the learning curve.).

Luckily, whether it’s because I installed Ubuntu via Wubi (Essentially, it acts like the installer of any other Windows program), or because my USB drive isn’t tied to any specific type of file system, I have no problem migrating files (Or at least images) between my two OSes. So in other words, I can take the title cards, move them on to my USB drive, and from there put them on the Ubuntu portion of my drive where I can use them when I go to edit the videos down to what I need.

Tomorrow is going to be a very difficult day indeed–it’ll involve watching individual F-Zero X and F-Zero GX runs to try and find one that I really like. I also have to go through my own glitchy TMNT run to try and find some choice bits from there as well.

What I’ve also decided to do is save each day’s edit of the actual slideshow portion individually. What I’d like to ultimately do with that is show people what I had at one point, and how I edited it down to the final version of the presentation, with the help of all those public speaking/presenting blogs I keep talking about. Not that I’m an expert slideshow maker or anything, but hopefully it’ll give people an idea of just how much actually went into the final slides that will end up at the final panel.


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