So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 12

About the entirety of my “new progress” today consisted of getting the snippet of Essentia’s Final Fantasy VI run that I needed. This was still a major victory though, since I actually had to cut the video down beforehand to make it fit into the program I was using to edit the final product (I got a “took too long to import” error otherwise). This was still progress, though. You see, thanks to a bit of actually paying attention to the settings of the source video, I managed to get rid of the static that had plagued the first two run snippets I had planned to use. it turns out that taking audio originally encoded at a rate of 48000Hz and re-encoding it at 44100Hz is a terrible idea. Who knew? So I re-encoded the videos I had done before, and now they sound much better.

At some point, I should look through my game collection and try to find another game I actually want to run. one of the things I read today said, more or less, “Beware of gurus who don’t follow their own advice.” In other words, public speaker types, motivational speakers, “gurus”, etc. tend to eventually reach a point where they spend more time talking about how they were once X and it’s so easy to do X than they do actually doing X (Which, it turns out, is not as easy as they claim). Taking a quick look at SDA, my last actual SDA-quality run was done in late 2008, which is an eternity ago in Internet time. While I do keep fit (To borrow a Shizz meme) for the SDA Marathons and such, I have enough games that I should be able to continue doing what I’ve kind of become known for post-Battletoads obsoletion: Filling in the “What the heck game is THAT?!” gap on the site.

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