So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 17

Once again, I did very little, this time thanks to my going to a Connecticon staff meeting, my very first. Not much of note happened this time, especially since Kyle, who co-heads the video game department, wasn’t there.

But back to the Gobble-Con panel that I’m doing. The main thing I did today was to re-watch candidates from F-Zero X to use in my panel, and I think I have a winner in the Fire Field run. Some other tracks have more individually impressive areas–Big Blue 1 uses huge shortcuts, and White Land 1 ends the second lap in mid-air without being anywhere near the actual track–but Fire Field is just ridiculously fast from start to finish, and has an amusing end where the car flies off the course to its death during the auto-controlled victory animation. The next step is trying to get a hold of “Linner” to get their permission to use the run in the presentation. I’m essentially pulling a “Weird Al” Yankovic here–strictly speaking, I could probably get away with just going ahead and using the video (Especially this for this one in particular, I’d be leaving the original SDA StatIDs on it. For the other ones, since I was using excerpts from longer videos, I cut out just the parts I needed and then attached my own title cards with the relevant information to them–runner name, URL of the full run, what exactly you’re watching in the run, etc. This one, though, is short enough that it’s not worth the effort to reinvent the wheel.), but I’d like to keep people happy with me. The big challenges here are that 1. “linner” is apparently Japanese from what I can tell (The Japanese options near the end of some of his* videos were a hint to this, although it was plausible until I did more research that he could have been a hardcore US or other region player who had the Japanese version because it had some sort of inherent advantage not found in other versions), and 2. “linner” doesn’t seem to have any easily available e-mail address. I’ll have to see if maybe Mike from SDA can get me that information. As for the language barrier, if there is one, well, I figure I’ll essentially send the e-mail twice (Once in English, once in Babelfished Japanese) and hope for the best.


*-Strictly speaking, I don’t even know “linner”‘s gender, and if you want to be cynical, it’s a little bit sexist of me to simply presume they’re male (If you’re more pragmatic, call it “playing the odds”. Note the male-to-female ratio in this picture from the SDA marathon. Now consider that there were about 4 or so runners in the marathon not in the picture…and that they were all male. Presuming the ratio is the same for the competitive F-Zero X community–and admittedly, I don’t know that that’s true–the odds of my being correct when I say “he” are pretty strongly in my favor.).

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