Setting New Records in Running Obscure Games

Taking my role as the guy who runs really obscure old school games Beyond the Impossible, I believe I may have found my next target.

That game is Flying Warriors on the NES, a typical Culture Brain title that blends beat-em-up, 1-on-1 fighting game, and RPG. Unlike The Magic of Scheherazade (Another Culture Brain game, and one that I have a run for), it doesn’t do the genre-mashing thing quite as well–in particular, it likes to pull the time-honored NES trick of “constantly respawning enemies near bottomless pits” that enraged so many people when they were younger.

Flying Warriors itself has sort of a Power Rangers-esque vibe to it, only without the humongous mecha–five allies? Check. Transforming into more powerful forms? Check. Martial artists? Yep, that too. If Wikipedia can be trusted, the game is actually a kind of mashup of two games released in Japan, Hiryu No Ken II and Hiryu No Ken III (The first game came to U.S. shores as Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll).

I have even less experience with this game than I did with Chuck Rock when I said “Hey that’d be a good game to run.” I’m really playing through it for the first time right now, other than a brief rental when I was much younger and got stymied by a seemingly impossible jump (As it turns out, the solution requires kind of a speedrunning train of thought: Use a Cyclone Spin Kick to carry yourself to the platform). This time is going better, although as mentioned above, the game itself is kind of frustrating as a whole. Still, I do want to at least beat the game once.


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