So You Want to be a Speedrunner Progress- Day 28

This is really stretching the definition of progress further than I have to date.

But in any event, some time ago, I ordered business cards. The intention behind this is that I’ll have something to hand out after my Gobble-Con panel, in case someone had a question that didn’t get answered, or they just wanted to get to know the person behind the panel (Besides an e-mail address, my website URL is also on the cards). Today, they came in. The conversation was actually kind of amusing, in that Silver got the cards from the mail, and promptly texted me:
Silver: “You have a package. Can I open it?”

Emptyeye: “Sure, I guess…does it say who it’s from?”

Silver: “Nothing obvious, which is why I wanted to open it.”

Emptyeye: “Okay, go ahead….*suddenly remembering I had ordered business cards three weeks or so ago* OH! I wonder if they’re my business cards.”

Silver: “Business cards?! When the hell did you order those?”

In any event, you can see what they look like just below:

Silver says that they look “bland”. I disagree–they’re basic, sure (And yes, that’s my actual AIM name), but they serve the purpose as something to hand out after the panel, and the visuals aren’t unnecessarily complicated (One thing I definitely don’t have is an eye for aesthetics; better to do the clean text on a solid background and not have to worry about that part, at least). My main concern with them is actually that the text is small and kind of hard to read, although that’s not obvious by the picture.

Nonetheless, actual progress and rehearsal will commence once again in the next couple days.


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