Wizardry I Liveblog Bonus Edition: Interlude 3

While the crew was in the Tavern, disaster struck.


A hurricane blew through Llylgamyn, laying waste to the entire city. When it subsided…

Nyperold: “Guys? Guys? …where is everyone?”

Nyperold scanned the city, but found no one. His companions, the citizens of the city, they weren’t there. There were no bodies, they were simply….gone.

Nyperold: “Guess I’m….alone.”

(LIVEBLOG NOTE: I turned on the game and, whether it was due to an old battery, or just a fidgety NES, Nyperold was the only character not simply erased from existence. This after some strange visuals, which makes me think it was the NES and not the battery.

So, I leave my next move to you, the viewers. Make new clones of the characters who aren’t Nyperold? Create an entirely new party? Or just give up (I really don’t wanna do that one)? Make your selection…now!)

Mega-Cool Bonus Commentary!
To quote Joe Elliott, “This was not on the agenda.”

More specifically, if I remember what happened correctly, the first time I powered the game on, there were 3 characters still there, but two of them had wacky stats and levels and stuff, with gibberish where you’d expect numbers to be. Powering off and back on a couple times yielded Nyperold as the only survivor.

From a gameplay perspective, this really sucked–there was a not-inconsequential amount of time I had spent building up this party that was simply lost when most of the characters up and disappeared. Nonetheless, from a storytelling perspective, as we’ll see later on, this probably helped me out quite a bit–this was an unexpected development that I would have to write around, and quite honestly, probably made the narrative better than it would have been otherwise, especially regarding the Nyperold-centric parts.

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