The Best 404 Page Ever

This is a site that I found thanks to TV Tropes. How to use it is basically you go to it, laugh, then reload and repeat the process, basically indefinitely. Near the bottom of the page is a direct link to the page you happen to be viewing at the time.

Luckily, I have a quick primer for you on some of my favorite ones. Be warned that some of these are rated R languagewise.

With their ability to predict technologies that would not become prevalent until about 15 years after 1982’s Combat Rock, The Clash were truly ahead of their time.

Some of my fellow Shizzies and I absolutely need to make this happen at MAGFest 9. They’ve actually come close a couple times before.

House gets down!


Anyone who has ever played the Oregon Trail will tell you that this is the correct solution to any river problems.

I may have to use this in my TSG Idol entry one week, as it’s actually in my vocal range.

Doc Louis has upgraded from stealing bikes to stealing spaceships. Also, he can breathe in hostile atmospheres.

Just watch this for a few minutes. Truly, there is no stopping him.

I don’t know what anime this is from, but man it’s cute.



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