Wizardry I Liveblog Bonus Edition: Chapter 8

Part 8: It’s Almost Like We’ve Done This Before

Back in the tavern…

Gilgamesh: “Hey man, you may want this.”

Nyperold: “This…this is the tome of maps that Emptyeye had! But how did you…”

Gilgamesh: “You thought there was only one alternate dimension?”

Nyperold: “I guess I never really stopped to consider that before. Either way, though, thanks a lot!”

(IMMERSION-BREAKING LIVEBLOG NOTE: If you can’t figure it out, “The tome from one-or-more alternate dimensions” are the actual maps I made in a previous playthrough. They’re actually quite unfinished, as I did play the game with the knowledge that you only had to visit four floors out of ten, strictly speaking)

The group descended into the first floor of the dungeon.

Nyperold: “Okay! Let’s start by going east and kicking in the door you’ll find there.”

The group did so, and came upon four Bubbly Slimes.

Nyperold: “Ah, excellent, it doesn’t look like they’re aware of our presence. Spooky, Optimus, and Nario, you guys just hang out. Kareshi and Tobleron, watch what I do, and try to replicate it.”

With that, Nyperold charged at one of the slimes and moved his blade in quick, efficient motions. When all was said and done, he had hit his target three times and reduced the slime to a splatter on the room’s walls.

Nyperold: “Okay, now you two try.”

Tobleron and Kareshi were quite a bit more wild and less efficient than Nyperold. Nonetheless, each managed to hit their respective targets once, killing them. By the time the last Slime realized what was going on, it was too late for it—Tobleron struck and dispatched it.

Nyperold: “Nice job, everyone! Those are the basics, but you’re gonna need more than that to survive for extended periods.”

Again sticking close to the stairs leading back to the city, the group was beset upon by some friendly Undead Kobolds.

Nyperold: “Okay everyone. You know what to do…take ’em out!”

Kareshi: “Aww, but they seem like pretty chill dudes. I’d like to take ’em into the Tavern for a drink, honestly.”

Spooky C: “Ignoring the fact that that would lead to a giant mess thanks to their lack of internal organs…I think I have to agree with Nyperold here.”

The rest of the group overruled Kareshi, and took out the skeletons.

Heading back to town, the group was surprised by 4 Scruffy Men…who quickly turned tail and fled.

Nyperold: “That’s right, you don’t mess with us!”

(LIVEBLOG NOTE: I imagine that Nyperold’s being at Level 11 [For reference, barring major level grinding, somewhere in the 13-15 region is your typical endgame level] is having a major influence on whatever calculations are used to decide if enemies flee or not.)

Making it back to town, the entire group, even Nyperold, felt stronger. The next excursion would test their ability to survive for longer periods of time…

Next Time: Item grabbing! Maybe ghost killing!

Chilled Bonus Commentary!
-Typo alert! The sentence in the Bubbly Slime battle beginning with “By the time…” had a random extra comma after those three words. That’s been eliminated. Also, Spooky’s “Ignoring the fact that that would lead…” originally said “Ignoring the fact that this would lead…”
-There isn’t a whole lot of character development here, although we do see Nyperold taking the mentor role a bit. He also manages to satisfy his bloodlust by eliminating a friendly group of monsters, although he’s not quite so blindly enthusiastic about it this time. Kareshi fills the “Emptyeye” role here, being the Neutral Samurai. the rest of the group, like the first, is Evil. The only other thing to add is that I’m pretty sure the real Kareshi would never say “chill”. Oh well.


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