So You Want to be a Speedrunner: Video Tricks Explained

Super Mario Bros
-When Mario is moving downwards, his collision priority takes precedence over that of the enemy. Thus, Mario will stomp on an enemy and kill it, even if it looks like he should die.
-Andrew hesitates for a split second at the end of 8-3 to stop the clock at 242 instead of 243, and thus avoid the fireworks that would cost him real-time.

F-Zero X
-Several advanced techniques are used here.
-One is sliding, which is self-explanatory: sliding around a corner to increase your speed during and coming out of it. This can be combined with boosting on any lap after the first to increase speed further.
-Another is rail-sliding—starting a slide, then grazing a wall and holding contact as long as you can to increase speed on a straightaway.
-Finally, there’s double-tap diving. The double-tap is a basic method of attack, but doing a double-tap while inside of a dive (EG coming off of a jump) will increase your speed very quickly.

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

-There’s actually nothing super-advanced or obscure here, just the fact that the flying knee is really hard to do once (As mentioned, it’s a 4-frame window after landing from a jump), let alone to chain together consistently.
-Yes, dropping straight down to his death is the quickest way to advance.

Final Fantasy VI
-Oh boy. Pretty much everything here requires an explanation—for the complete breakdown, check out Essentia’s full comments. Here are the basics.
1.Setzer’s special move is the Slots. Two possible combinations are 7-7-7 (Called Joker Doom; kills all enemies regardless of immunity) and 7-7-Bar (Also called Joker Doom; under ordinary circumstances, kills your entire party).
2.While 7-7-Bar normally kills your party, this can be manipulated to instead kill the enemies. The entirety of the strategy in the sequence rests on this (As well as the fact that 7-7-Bar is allowed to occur in the battle, while 7-7-7 will never occur in this battle under any circumstances). This is done via muddling and un-muddling Setzer. More precisely, the muddling has to be done as 7-7-Bar is being input, and the un-mudding must occur between the input and Setzer’s actually “casting” the slots. This is the primary method of attack.
3.The killing off of Gogo and Setzer is so they can be brought back with low HP. This will allow Celes, who A. has the True Knight accessory equipped, and B. is basically invulnerable thanks to her equipment setup, to protect them from pretty much any attack while the Joker Doom trick is being set up. Vanishing Gogo before killing him is to override his equipment setup; his being Vanished allows magic to always hit him regardless of his equipment (Otherwise, like Celes, he’s essentially invincible).
4.Gogo mimes Joker Doom twice per tier because of the way Miming works. It essentially attempts to duplicate the previous attack exactly—in other words, it attempts to Joker Doom an already-dead set of enemies the first time. The second time, it works properly.

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