Ideas Swirling in My Head

One of the great things about going to the Connecticon Member Appreciation Days is being surrounded by creative stuff and creative people. The Connecticon offices have a game store that sells various card and tabletop games. Additionally, several people there are in creative professions (Costuming/makeup design), and one is basically constantly creating and testing quick games.

Being around this environment makes me want to at least get down on paper (Or, uh, in computer) some of the ideas in my head, most of which I’ve mentioned here at one point or another. There’s the card game idea, and of course Hysterium is not technically dead yet. I’ve started typing up the basic ideas for the card game…as I believe I mentioned here once before, it would effectively be “Magic: The Gathering meets Raw Deal in mechanics–you would pick a character, that character would have a once-per-turn ability, and you’d be able to win by playing cards that either reduce your opponent’s life to 0 or making them overturn their entire deck (Which are both win conditions in Magic, yes, but the latter isn’t really an integral part of the game).

I’m not sure how I’d go about attempting to monetize or promote these ideas once I have them completed, but I figure just doing something with them is better than nothing.

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