Creative Projects, GO!

Amazingly, I’ve been slowly working on some of the projects I mentioned a few entries ago.

The card game is coming along. I have the “mechanics” of about 30 of the cards down, and I’d like to get another 30 or so made before I start doing some testing of it balance and mechanics-wise. Then…I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with it after that.

My speedrun of Magician met with its first real success a few days ago, with a run clocking in at 17 minutes and 31 seconds recorded to DVD. The main advantage to it, truth be told, was the ability to figure out precisely what I’ll have to do to improve it–being able to pause and playback was a big help in figuring out exactly how much Mana I need in certain spots to execute some of the quickest strategies.

I hope this productive spurt continues.


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