Marathon Organization Done Quick

With the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, combined with the fact that without Japan, there would probably be no video game industry as we know it today, the fine people at Speed Demos Archive saw fit to quickly organize a charity marathon for Japan. This one is both shorter and a lot more casual than the last marathon–for one, we won’t even all be in the same location this time, and for another, if people want to use emulators (No slowdown or re-recording though), that’s actually allowed this time around.

This is actually good news for me, since it means I can stream Magician for it (The game’s almost total lack of sales, combined with it being a game more suited to playing than watching, mean it’s not really a good choice for the once-yearly “big” marathon SDA does)…a fairly representative speedrun that I did while trying to get an SDA-worthy submission (Which is still ongoing) is available here, albeit in a slightly squished form. Oh, also, I can see in the Caverns much better than you’ll be able to.

The bigger news here, though, is that I’ll be donating basically my entire collection of PC games to the cause in an effort to spur donations. My “lair” in my apartment is a rather large mess as it is, and i don’t play any of these games anymore, so I figure everyone wins if I just donate the entire lot to this cause.

I’ll be putting up another post later tonight that details everything I’m giving away. Suffice to say that the minimum donation to have the potential to win the lot is less than the price of just one of the games in the collection, let alone the entire thing.

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