I Am Terrible at Updating This Site


Japan Relief Done Quick is done. From an “SDA-as-a-Whole” perspective, it went incredibly–putting the marathon together in just two weeks, over $25000 were raised for Doctors Without Borders, and people seemed to like both the Commentator’s Cheat Sheet and the PC Game Collection I donated towards it. From a personal perspective, please do me a favor and pretend it never happened.

I’ve been making some changes in my life lately. Immediately after JRDQ, I went offline for a week, with the exception of any website I needed to do work at my day job. To the surprise of a bunch of people, including my wife, I actually made it the entire week. And I think I’m better off for it; for one, I’m actually capable of doing stuff like “washing dishes” or “playing some of the many games I haven’t beaten yet”, and not being addicted to Skype even during the weekdays. For another, I’m more productive at work, or when I’m not productive at work, I’m at least unproductive in a way that won’t also get my boss into trouble.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I’m basically destined to flit from project to project and hobby to hobby and never really finish anything. And at last, I’m fine with that. My current time-killer–ask me in two weeks, it’ll probably be something different–is writing short stories of all kinds. This started out because I had an idea for a world/novel in my head, that was nothing more than a bunch of unconnected stories with no real force tying them together. Eventually, I just said “Screw it”, and wrote them as stand-alone stories. I’ve basically finished one, and am working on a bunch more, some tying into that original concept, others being completely standalone.

Who knows, maybe something good will come of this “writing” thing.


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