As Promised, A Magician Speedrun

Here you go.

This run finishes the game in a shade under 13 minutes and 45 seconds. If you happened to watch Japan Relief Done Quick, for reference, it took at least that long to realize I was streaming to the wrong place, at which point I was less than halfway through the game (Which is an excellent indication of just how terribly I played to that point. This contributed to my mood when I finally got streaming to the correct place.). Despite that, there’s still a tiny improvement to be made with a route change, or rather, when I grab food. There’s also some execution improvements to be made, most notably my needlessly going to the menu at the end of the Dungeon because I didn’t know casting Twin took almost no mana at all.

I suppose I should explain why I’ve uploaded this video to Screw Attack (Which is not a porn site; its name comes from a powerup in the Metroid series) and not Youtube. Put simply, Youtube wanted me to link a Google account to use it anymore, and I flipped out and refused to do it for awhile. I’ve since capitulated, but I’m still not putting up any videos on it. Screw Attack is a more gaming-centered site anyway. Yeah, someone who shall remain nameless is correct when they say Screw Attack “is where tens of people will see your video!” But on the other hand, the way I see it, if you’re not willing to do some leg work and promote your video yourself, you don’t deserve to leech off the popularity (Or lack thereof) of the video hosting service you put it on.

Hence, Screw Attack it is. You’ll notice a link to my account on “Emptyeye Elsewhere On the Web” over to the right. Right now, it’s just Magician videos, but I want to eventually put my remaining Youtube videos on there as well.



  1. You should post them on both AND embed them here on your blog. How did you record it BTW? I’m assuming you’re not using an emulator?

    • emptyeye on June 2, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    Yeah, rationally I know I should post it to as many video sites as I can, to be honest. IRrationally, though, I hate it when big corporations try to force me to do things, especially things to make said big corporations’ lives easier (One of the reasons for linking a Google account given amounted to “Waaaaah, we won’t wanna maintain two disparate user databases anymore.”). So no, no more Emptyeye videos for Youtube. The embedding here is a good idea though. Honestly, my plan back when I first got the site was a separate “speedruns” section where I would do commentary over all the runs I had to that point. Maybe I’ll go back to that eventually.

    And I recorded this to a DVD recorder with a hard drive, then burned it to a DVD. SDA puts out a program called Anri-Chan that takes all the guesswork out of encoding from the DVD to a computer file.

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