Writing and Presenting

So I’m about a month away from Gobble-Con 2.0, where I’ll be giving the So You Want to be a Speedrunner panel again. This time, I have a bunch of new videos to show, and I asked for a second hour to do a live run of Mega Man X, even though the game play won’t take a full hour. With setup and the like, an hour sounds reasonable. My current best time through the game getting everything is 41 minutes and 46 seconds (Which is actually only about 20 seconds slower than my time not getting everything, even though the two should be about 4 minutes apart if I were a top-tier player at either of them).

I’ve been keeping up on the writing thing as well, although I’ve failed to get anything published as yet. That’s fine, because I’m still pretty new at the whole thing. As long as the ideas keep flowing, I’ll break through eventually.


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