The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Four

Making my way to the other side of the second dungeon, I came upon a shipping village. There was a small problem: The village, as well as the entire region, was frozen over, making fishing difficult. Finding ruins of an Orakian Fortress, I crossed them and ended up in a large desert region. This had a village full of cyborgs, where I received some hints as to what I was to do next. There’s a cave to the west, and a tower to the east (Which I stumbled upon by accident).

I’ve mentioned before that I like the old-school, piece-together-what-to-do-next-from-villagers style, and this game certainly delivers there. Another thing the game delivers on is making you feel like an outsider in the world. I’ve come across easily six or seven Layan Palaces so far, and nothing but the ruins of one of Orakio’s Palaces, which I couldn’t even enter (In another old-school move, the passage I was looking for was a random, non-descript square of snow that was in an intersection of the two ruined buildings). It’s strange that I’ve come across so many Layan Palaces, but no Layans as of yet.

A couple Hunter’s Claws and a Sword for Mieu and Rhys, respectively, and we’re ready to rock the enemies in the desert. I also haven’t discussed how your spells, or “Techniques” in the Phantasy Star vernacular, power up. As you gain levels, you gain spots on a square. You then go into a shop and redistribute these squares among the squares in the family (“Heal”, for instance). The higher the power of a spell, the more effective it is, without costing any more Technique Points. It’s interesting, if bizarre.

Next time, I hopefully find that Western Cave!


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