The Phantasy Star III Chronicles: Part Fourteen

As with Part Ten, I am currently, if not “stuck” per se, in “wander around the world I’ve uncovered so far, trying to find a cave that will let me in” mode.

My attempt to get to Techna was foiled by the fact that the bridge that was supposed to be there when I went down the Cape Dragon’s Spine…simply wasn’t there. What this meant was that I was effectively being railroaded into doing what the game wanted me to do. This, in itself, isn’t a bad thing–games as new as Final Fantasy XIII have mostly linear plots in that regard (Even the highly-beloved Final Fantasy VI doesn’t really open up until the second half of the game, and when it does open up, I’d argue, it literally loses the plot [SDA administrator Breakdown noted this in a tongue-in-cheek manner during Classic Games Done Quick, noting “By the time I got to Kefka’s Tower, I had forgotten why I was supposed to want to kill him.”].).

My main issue in this case is the fact that, possibly due to my not paying attention, I don’t really know where Landel is (No hints please). Bringing Thea (Who continued to gain levels at an alarming rate until about level 23; Ayn, by comparison, is at level 19, while Wren and Mieu are in the low 30s.) back to Lyle just earned me some accolades, a “Use the TwinsRuby”, and no more direction as to where Landel actually was. As I said, this is going to involve a lot of wandering the world, auto-battling foes (Outside of the area near where Techna is, almost nothing can survive even a single Royal Needler attack; nothing I’ve encountered so far is capable of surviving two, to say nothing of the offensive power of the rest of the group. Plus, I’ve bought some new armor which, among other things, makes Thea marginally less frail than she was, although her defense still lags way behind the rest of the group’s. Fortunately, she also gets attacked very rarely.), and hoping I find the cave I need.

Wish me luck.


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