I figure that with the sudden lack of updates, I should explain my absence of late.

In short, I bought, and then moved into, a condo. This was a time-consuming process, and truthfully, we’re still not totally unpacked (We may never be). But the good news is that the place is quite a bit bigger than the basement apartment I was living in previously. It’s also brighter, perhaps the direct result of not being below ground.

The other kind of positive thing is that I’m a bit more motivated to keep the place clean, seeing as I own it now (Yes, I know how mortgages technically work, that the condo isn’t “mine” until I’ve paid off said mortgage, etc). The fact that we have brand new carpets in here doesn’t hurt that fact.

The complex itself is called Sheltered Ponds, and it has…well, a pond (It seems, from the Public Offering Statement, that the pond was once two smaller ponds). The pond has two fountains in it, which is pretty nice.

So yeah, it’s been good so far. May it continue to be so.


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